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No, create an account now. There are many things to consider when purchasing a notebook, price, performance, weight and battery life are usually the primary concerns. When I received the it was securely rapped and in pristine condition, in the bundle were power leads, recovery CDs, Microsoft works, Norton Antivirus, modem cable, quick start guides and warranty card. Would I recommend this laptop? The only software that comes with it is Microsoft Works and a bunch of Acer programs for your laptop. The two speakers are located at the front of the laptop and are quite small.

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I decided to order MB of Crucial memory and an Audigy 2 ZS, but more on that with the benchmarks section of this review.

The replacement service leaves something to be desired however. Age of Empires III with all settings to max at x resolution runs around fps. ShampooFeb 27, The screen build quality is very good and acer aspire 1694wlmi are no ripples when I move it however, the screen acer aspire 1694wlmi when I move it and when I carry the laptop, sometimes I acer aspire 1694wlmi the screen being pushed in.

This review is for those considering the Acer aspire WLMi with the following specifications:. Connectivity aver USB 2. It runs games very fast in conjunction with the X video card and it is automatically slowed down when the laptop is disconnected from the mains power supply to conserver battery life.

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For results of benchmarks when this laptop is overclocked to 2. Share This Page Tweet.

Acer Aspire WLMi – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

When I acer aspire 1694wlmi received the laptop, it has a dead pixel. The acer aspire 1694wlmi management options are very useful, allowing you to change 1694wwlmi processor performance to Low, Medium, High and Very High. Everything needed to get started.

With all settings to medium, BF2 runs at fps and does not lag at all or freeze.

Nice laptop, I’ve used one. M lewMar 4, The display is very bright and acer aspire 1694wlmi clear. The touchpad is responsive and zspire while the keys are a little tacky and noisy, you will get used to using tap to click.

Acer Aspire g, aaspire to upgrade graphic card. Abo of setfsb for creating the flawless clock generator for my acer aspire 1694wlmi. No surprises here since most laptop speakers are dull anyway.

Acer Aspire 1694 WLMi Review (pics, specs)

I normally use headphones when using computers so this is no issue for me. If the screen is considered 9 equal rectangles, in the central area there are no more than 1 dead pixels in the centre Viewing angles either side are very good but acer aspire 1694wlmi angles are quite poor, moving your head up and down produces differences in contrast and colour which is less noticeable at the centre.

The keyboard is very similar to that of the desktop but with the num pad cut off and replaced by holding the Fn key on certain keys. Acer aspire 1694wlmi bought it from www. You must log in or 1694wl,i up to reply here. The NTI software is surprisingly easy to use and quick to get ahold of. The layout acer aspire 1694wlmi easy to migrate to from a desktop and you will be touch typing in no time.


I am quite pleased with the build quality however it is not perfect. If the screen is considered 9 equal rectangles, in the central area there are no more than 1 dead pixels in the centre. When I was deciding on a notebook I spent a lot of time researching which notebook to buy. What Notebook Should I Buy? Well if this is the sort of laptop your looking for then yes.

Similar Threads – Acer aspire 1694wlmi Aspire Nothing much else to say here. As a side note on performance and benchmarks for this laptop, after opening up the machine myself I have found acer aspire 1694wlmi graphics are not upgradeable: The only software that comes with it is Microsoft Works and acer aspire 1694wlmi bunch of Acer programs for your laptop.