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A slight variation is the sitout side slam spinebuster where the opponent is lifted like a side slam but dropped into a sitout spinebuster. Periodically called a Manhattan Drop , this is a move in which the wrestler puts their head under the opponent’s shoulder and lifts the opponent up and then drops their “lower abdomen region” or groin first on the wrestler’s knee. Wrestlers, bookers and promoters all rigorously enforced the illusion and very few were allowed into the society of professional wrestling to maintain suspension of disbelief. Mike Rotunda used a tax collector gimmick as Irwin R. It was also made popular by Kofi Kingston , who calls it the S.

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Facing their opponent, the wrestler reaches between their opponent’s legs with their stronger arm and reaches around their back from the same side with their weaker arm. This was the original version of the finisher used by Dean Ambroseknown as Dirty Deeds.

inverged Backbreaker — The standard version of the move sees the wrestler scoop their opponent horizontally before dropping to one knee, slamming the opponents back on their other knee. This is the most common version of the elevated gutbuster and sees the attacking wrestler first lift the opponent up across their shoulders; a position known as a fireman’s carrybefore then dropping down to one snapmafe while simultaneously elevating the opponent over their head forcing them to drop down and impact their exposed knee.

Professional wrestling attacks — Attacking maneuvers are offensive moves in professional wrestling, used to set up an opponent for a submission hold or for a throw. It involves an attacking wrestler applying a ibverted facelock reaching behind the head of an opponent, thus pulling the opponent’s invertdd above the wrestler’s shoulder before falling to a seated position invertef forcing the defender’s jaw to drop down on the shoulder of the attacking wrestler.


However, as the wrestler brings the opponent back down to the mat the wrestler kneels and this move is popularly known as a chokebreaker, which is a portmanteau of this moves technical name. Haskins performing a shooting star press in This is also a move used often in Judo and in other grappling martial arts. There are two versions of the fireman’s carry takeover used in professional wrestling.

We just don’t know it yet. Retrieved 5 November Sometimes includes well-known wrestlers making a return or finishing up their career, b-team The group of wrestlers on a B-show.

Inverted Half Nelson Lift into Knee Strike – Mark Haskins в

In Olympic ssnapmare amateur wrestling there exists a move called a souplex, pronounced invegted, during his career, pro wrestling commentator Gordon Solie used the soo-PLAY pronunciation, but almost all other pro wrestling talent pronounces it SOO-plex. They then scoop the opponent’s near leg with their other arm and lift the opponent up, flip the opponent upside down, and then either kneel or sit down, driving the opponent down to the mat on their neck.

The wrestler would turn and twist his body so his back would be literally horizontally against the opponent’s torso.

It is essentially the same as the ippon seoi nage found in judo. If these are used then the move is considered a type of DDT if the wrestler falls backwards or bulldog. WWE’s Cesaro uses the giant swing as a signature move. The move is performed with the wrestler’s legs scissored around the opponent’s head, dragging the opponent into a forced forward somersault as the wrestler falls to the mat.

This is also a move used often in Judo and in other grappling martial arts.

The attacking wrestler stands behind his opponent, bends him backwards, the wrestler then drops down to a single knee with the extended knee impacting with the upper back of the opponent. This facebreaker involves an attacking wrestler, who is standing face-to-face with an opponent, hooking both hands around the opponent’s head and then leaping to bring both knees up to the face of the opponent.

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Snapmar attacking wrestler may repeatedly press the opponent overhead to show his or her strength, prior to dropping them. A common variant of this hold has the attacking wrestler apply a double underhook before or after lifting the opponent.

Избор на редактора

The formation of an alliance can be a storyline of its own, an snapmae usually begins when one wrestler attacks another, which results in revenge. The wrestler hooks up the opponent as a pumphandle slam, then the wrestler goes through the body movements for the fallaway slam, executing the release inverte the opponent as they enter the apex of the throw, instead of at or just past the apex of the throw like when one executes the fallaway slam.

The advent of television gave professional wrestling a new anapmare, unlike in Europe, show wrestling has become especially prominent in Japan and in North America. The other closely resembles a Death Valley driver. One occasional use of the Irish whip is to try to “hit for the cycle” by whipping one’s opponent into each corner in turn.

Also known as a tilt slam or a pumphandle falling powerslamthe wrestler snaomare behind their opponent and bends them forward. This variation of the spinebuster starts with the wrestler facing his opponent. A bridging variant is also available.

The wrestler stands behind, slightly to one side of and facing the opponent. An armbreaker is any move in which the wrestler slams the opponent’s arm against a part of the wrestler’s body, usually a knee or shoulder.