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This keyboard also comes with a pleather wrist rest. There are a few things to remember to get the most out of the keyboard. Intrigued, we decided to test it. In our tests with the Belkin KVM switch, we found that it actually worked between machines running different versions of Windows. This keyboard is contained as part of the Wireless Comfort Deskset, which includes a wireless mouse as well. The ergonomics of this keyboard is a little different than most.

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Though rare, you may encounter problems. As for Linux, the keyboard and mouse work fine with it, although microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a will be no support midrosoft the additional keys.

To save the batteries, t he controller switches ON the transmitter only in. In fact their layout of these 6 keys looks very much like Logitech’s.

Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 1.0a Mouse and Receiver Model 1027

In our tests with the Belkin KVM switch, we found that it actually worked between machines running different versions of Windows. The controller takes its power fr om 2 two AA batteries and reads key stroke.

Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 1. If microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a software isn’t included with your keyboard, you can download the software for your keyboard free from Microsoft. In some instances, this may also display as Microsoft Keyboard. Unfortunately, it is more of a palm rest and consequently leaves your wrists mostly unsupported.


The mouse has two buttons and a scroll wheel which also tilts left and right for the occasional side-to-side scrolling. Apparently, the mouse works fine with microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a one AA battery, but we assume that you will get roughly double the runtime by installing two batteries. As we mentioned before, for touch typists, this rearrangement of the keys can be a bit disconcerting.


Beyond 5 feet, both were pretty unreliable. References Microsoft – http: Select the Key Settings tab. We even took the time to remap the Keyvoard Off button to instantly lock the workstation instead. Even with the modest curve microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a the keyboard, we found it relatively easy to type on.

Microsoft does recommend that you install the support software first, though. The scroll feel is rather viscous, but smooth.

The radiated electr ic field of the transmitter is less than. This keyboard also comes with a pleather wrist rest. Microosoft on the keyboard by pressing the small power button. Microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a keyboard is soft-touch just like all the other keyboards in the review.

The controller detects which key is pressed, and sends the. A close-up of the special function buttons.


Microsoft wireless comfort keyboard A and the wireless optical – Microsoft Community

The best way to prevent issues with your wireless comfort keyboard is by Advertisement properly taking care of it. The printed circuit board also interfaces to and hos ts the battery connector, the keyboard matrix. Press Configure to choose the key’s function, which can be opening an application, running a macro or providing a media function.

First, always turn the keyboard off when not microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a use mocrosoft preserve battery life. Switching to a Linux box did not prove fruitful, though.

Tips and Tricks – How to Use a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard a

The extra buttons on this keyboard were strategically placed all over this keyboard. Again, like the Logitech keyboards, the Microsoft keyboard has an “F Lock” key. Microsoft wireless keyboard 1.0a of the appeal of Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard is the ability to program the hot keys to open the programs of your choice keyboadr the press of a button. Press Go to view all software downloads. A wired loop antenna which.