Network and Wireless Cards


To remove a Bluetooth Serial Port: Select the desired option from the drop-down list. The Bluetooth Tray provides quick access to numerous Bluetooth operations. Select Advanced Configuration from the submenu. Process search Search for another process e. You can also choose an audio notification file when Secure Connection is enabled for any of the Bluetooth Services on this computer and PIN code is required before that service can be accessed. Devices that are not within radio range will NOT appear in the list of devices.

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Select a device from the shortcut menu to send the data Or Select Other…, choose a device from the list and then click OK to send the data.

Types of File Transfer operations There are various types of file operations that you can perform. To do so, simply configure the settings in bluetoohh Discovery Panel.

claes If the Always send the same business card option is selected again, and a different contact is chosen, the properties page will display both contacts in the shortcut menu. Select Specify an IP address.

Tecom Bluetooth Device

Network Access The Bluetooth Network Access service enables a remote Bluetooth device to access a Local Area Buetooth that is physically attached to this computer or allows a remote device to become part of an ad hoc network provided by this computer. Services may be unavailable because the necessary hardware such as the modem for Dial-up Networking is not installed. Finding services After discovering the devices you can have access to, you may perform Service Discovery.


Configure how this computer accesses a service on another Bluetooth device. From Windows Control Panel, double-click the Network icon. In some cases, it allows you to have access to the Advanced Settings dialog box.

TECOM BTA. Problem Solved!

The chosen contact is now displayed and selected in the Business card requests shortcut menu. All potential menu options may not be available at all times. Connection is initiated hluetooth the Client. It is also where you disconnect an active connection.

These letters are chosen by the applicant. In the properties dialog box, modify the properties. The Bluetooth radio on both on server and server must support audio. The maximum liability of the teccom under this warranty is limited to the purchase rice of the product covered by the warranty.

Right-click the server that will provide the Headset service and then select Discover Available Services to display an updated list of services. Locate remote Bluetooth devices. Click the Discovery tab.

The Connect To dialog box opens, prompting you to fill in your user name, password, and the phone number to be dialed.



On the server, in the Bluetooth Configuration Panel, click the Local Services tab, and then double-click the Dial-up Networking service. To send a fax: If no passkey is supplied or cclass the notification is ignored after a preset timeout, access will be denied.

Repair by anyone other than the company or an approved agent will void this warranty.

To re-enable specific device discovery, re-select Report only selected Bluetooth devices. Each service can be configured individually to change its security, name, and other settings.

However, this is not recommended: What do I do? In this tab, you will see the following sections: The Delete button is only available when the Bluetooth Serial Port service or a user-defined serial port service is selected.

Click OK in the Bluetooth Properties window to complete the configuration process. Potential menu options include: However, all of the twcom services will have common settings and Notification settings for all of the following: Enter teocm unique name fewer than 99 alphanumeric characters.